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Hi there, Community Pros; it's been an excellent month for our team at Led by Community. We have grown to have currently 200 subscribers to our humble newsletter, and all that thanks to you!

A quick recap of what we have launched so far at Led by Community during this initial month for you:

Before you start reading today, I just want to share on behalf of our small team (Francisco, Ismot and Denise) our gratitude for your fantastic support and contributions to this initiative. The reception from the community industry has been impressive and encouraging. Go!


📢 A few career shoutouts!

  • DL Grant joined Commsor as Community Operations Manager.
  • Cody A was promoted to Community Support Specialist at Reddit.
  • Mike H. was promoted to Community Engagement Manager at Reddit.
  • Leah Knowles joined Vanta as Community Lead.
  • Thea Silayro joined G2i as Community Manager.
  • Melissa Ly joined Auditboard as Community Manager.
  • Jessica Hobbs joined CMX as Director of Community Programming
    Thanks to Erica and Brian for taking the time to collect all this remarkable career development from our space.

📒 Community builders Guide 2 is out!

Free eBook | Community Builders Guide (Version 2) | Nonfik
YOU SHOULD READ THIS EBOOK IF...You’re getting started with online communities for the first time, as either a moderator, manager, or builderYou’ve begun working within the community industry and need to get better acquainted with the spaceYou’re a first-time community professional and want to discover, learn from, and maybe network with established professionals and brand communitiesYou do community marketing and you’re looking for inspiration to better engage and connect with your audience

🎙️ New Podcast Episodes

Mary Lightfoot on Community Accessibility
Mary Lightfoot shares how online communities can effectively approach accessibility in their member programs.
🧵 84: Don’t expect miracles — In Before The Lock Podcast
“What are the biggest things you tell companies to watch out for when they come to you with the idea of ‘I want to launch a customer community’ for the first time?”
The CX 052: The Legal Liabilities of Community with Wesley Henderson of Drafted Legal – Smart Passive Income
Wesley Henderson joins us to share the legal risks of building communities and how to protect ourselves against them. Read more.

📰 Awesome articles for this week...

How to Design Community Leadership Programs
With a community leadership program in place, you don’t have to build your community alone, even if you are a team of one.
This Is How You Identify Your Community’s Biggest Design Issues |...
The more research we do, the more I’m convinced most community professionals completely misunderstand how members use their sites and what they feel about them. I say this having sat…
What do community builders need to know about security? - Orbit
Community builders rely on trust — how to reinforce this trust with security, safety, compliance, and privacy.
How to Help Your Members Build Networks in Your Community
The difference between a network and a community and how can you help your members make better connections.
5 Reasons Teachers Make Incredible Community Managers
Are you a teacher wanting to pivot to community management? Here's why it's the ideal career change.
How To Build Community Events Program |
Being a community manager is challenging, yet fun – but many of the best practices behind creating a good community event program have not been shared out loud... Read more.
Social media vs. community manager: what's the difference? | Common Room
The roles of the Community Manager and the Social Media Community Manager are distinct. Both represent the brand, but one is a brand ambassador and one acts as the brand… Read more.
Devoted to DevRel: Devocate joins Common Room | Common Room
Today I’m excited to share that Devocate has become part of the Common Room family! All the developer relations insights, resources, and job opportunities that we’ve created together at Devocate… Read more.
CMX Summit 2022: Thrive Agenda Is Here!
The agenda for CMX Summit 2022: Thrive is available now. Check out our exciting lineup of speakers, panels, and more! Read more.
What Yoga thought me about Community Management
Sangha (meaning community in Sanskrit) plays a massive role for anyone going on their spiritual journey. In yoga philosophy, community is an inseparable part of all teachings, practices, and experiences… Read more.
Online Communities Drive Business Outcomes
Organizations that acknowledge and prepare for cultural challenges will navigate and reduce risks when building their community program. Read more.
Building Better Business: Interview with Emma Sexton
We spoke with the founder of Inside Out Awards, Emma Sexton, about the motivation behind the awards, her B Corp journey and why community is so important. Read more.
Webinar Recap: Building a Community Team
Looking to build your community team? Learn who you need first, how other departments can get involved, and what qualities make a great community leader. Read more.

🔬 Ready to tell your story?

The Stories from Community Pros - Share Your Story
We are planning to create a beautiful section for our site dedicated to you: The Community Professionals, so we can create a real community around us and learn from each other journeys. If you want to be included as part of the Stories from Community Pros, please use this form (click the image to visit the same) to share your community career story with the Led by Community Newsletter!

👩‍💻 The job board

Senior Community Manager, Goalkeepers @ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | Led By Community Jobs
We are a nonprofit organization fighting poverty, disease
Head of Community @ Heartex | Led By Community Jobs
Heartex is looking for a Head of Community to lead a team responsible for advocacy, community building, and open source ecosystem development for Label Studio.
Community Manager @ We Are Giant | Led By Community Jobs
We are looking for our first community manager to help musicians build and grow their online and offline communities.
Community Specialist @ GoTo | Led By Community Jobs
Makint IT easy. anywhere.
Community Facilitator, Movement Strategy & Govern. @ Wikimedia Foundation | Led By Community Jobs
Wikimedia Foundation encourages the development and distribution of freeeducational content with projects such as Wikipedia.
Community Moderator @ NEAR | Led By Community Jobs
NEAR is decentralized storage and compute platform that is secure enough to manage high-value assets like money or identity.
Online Community Engagement Manager @ Stanford University | Led By Community Jobs
Stanford University is a teaching and research university that focuses on graduate programs in law, medicine, education, and business.

📅 The Events Calendar - Upcoming

Check the top events happening during the upcoming days.

EU-Centered Hangout 🌟 | RSVP
Register for EU-Centered Hangout 🌟. Looking to connect with other members of The Community Club? Well, look no further! Join us for an informal community hangout prioritizing the schedules of…
Finding Calm as a Community Manager | CMX Connect
Virtual Event - Tips, resources, and thoughts on how a community manager can find calm while at work. We will discuss the ways that community managers can plan, schedule, and…

⚒️ Tools for Community Pros

If you run your community on Slack, Discord or Circle, you need Burb.


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