It's Friday again, Community Pros!

Today is an exciting day for our small team at Led by Community!
Why Francisco? We have partnered with our friends at Pallet to launch a unique Jobs Board packed with the hottest opportunities for community professionals. We went live with more than 32 jobs listed for you!


📢 A few career shoutouts!

  • Olivia Messina has been named in the B2B Marketing Propolis Top US Marketers Report 2022!
  • Emily Hanssen started a new position as Head of Community at HiBob.
  • Jephtah Abu started a new position as Product Community Manager at AhoyConnect
  • Jacqueline Salinas started a new position as Director of Open Source at Sysdig
  • Krystal Wu joined OpenSpace as their Sr. Community Program Manager!

📢 News: Discourse Chat is live!

Discourse Chat is now available. Try it out today!
Chat is here! Enable conversations in your community to flow between faster-paced chat and slower-paced discussions.

🎙️ New Podcast Episodes

Chris Catania on Community Leadership - Community Conversations

🔓 83: Expert elitism — In Before The Lock Podcast
Erica and Brian explore how Autodesk, Splunk, and Salesforce built pages for their superuser programs.
The CX 051: Thoughtful Inclusion with Elisabeth Tuttass of Grid110 – Smart Passive Income
Elisabeth Tuttass, Head of Community at Grid110, shares her strategies for deeper connections with your community members. Read more.

📰 Awesome articles for this week...

What Community Managers Can Learn from Product Teams
There's a lot of overlap between Community and Product.
Webinar Recap: Creating a Community Strategy
Commsor's VP of Services, Erik Martin shares how to create a community strategy. Here's his biggest takeaways on how to approach content creation, finding advocates, internal support, and KPIs.
How To Successfully Relaunch Your Community |
If you’re a community manager who is thinking about re-launching a community, you likely already know this is the type of project that is best done with... Read more.
How To Grow Your SaaS Product Community with Network Effect
Learn how you can drive growth for a SaaS product community with powerful network effect powered by viral loops. Read more.
12 ways publishers get ROI from community
How do publishers get value from online communities? From rebuilding trust to understanding your audience, here are 12 ways publishers benefit. Read more.
What is a Slack community? | Common Room
You may be familiar with Slack as a team communication tool, but its uses extend beyond that. One common use case is community building. Many companies have adopted the platform… Read more.
Brand Communities Change Customer Attitudes – Here’s How You Prove...
You can waste countless hours trying to prove that communities have changed behavior. It's easier to prove communities change attitudes instead. #attitudes #communitymeasurement #roi Read more.
CMX Summit 2022: Thrive – FAQ
The CMX Summit 2022: Thrive is coming! Here's everything you need to know about the event, including the dates, ticketing options, and more. Read more.
Activate Your Community to Build Better Products and Ignite Adoption
Tap into your community to gather critical feedback and build better products through ideation. Read more.

🔬 Ready to tell your story?

The Stories from Community Pros - Share Your Story
We are planning to create a beautiful section for our site dedicated to you: The Community Professionals, so we can create a real community around us and learn from each other journeys. If you want to be included as part of the Stories from Community Pros, please use this form (click the image to visit the same) to share your community career story with the Led by Community Newsletter!

👩‍💻 The job board

Community and Social Engagement Specialist, EMEA @ Atlassian | Led By Community Jobs
Atlassian provides collaboration, development, and issue tracking software for teams.
Community Facilitator, Movement Strategy & Govern. @ Wikimedia Foundation | Led By Community Jobs
Wikimedia Foundation encourages the development and distribution of freeeducational content with projects such as Wikipedia.
Senior Community Manager @ Bubble | Led By Community Jobs
Bubble is a visual programming language for web and mobile applications.
Community Moderator @ NEAR | Led By Community Jobs
NEAR is decentralized storage and compute platform that is secure enough to manage high-value assets like money or identity.
Community Specialist @ GoTo | Led By Community Jobs
Makint IT easy. anywhere.
Community Manager (contract) @ Patreon | Led By Community Jobs
Patreon is an online platform connecting musicians and other artists with their fan base.

📅 The Events Calendar - Upcoming

Check the top events happening during the upcoming days.

Community Ignition Workshop by Jono Bacon
Want to grow your brand, be more competitive, and build a longer-lasting, more meaningful relationship with existing and future customers? It is time to build a community...and I am going…
Finding Calm as a Community Manager | CMX Connect
Virtual Event - Tips, resources, and thoughts on how a community manager can find calm while at work. We will discuss the ways that community managers can plan, schedule, and…

⚒️ Tools for Community Pros

If you run your community on Slack, Discord or Circle, you need Burb.


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